Getting Started Checklist


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Getting Started Checklist

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Take a Before Picture. You want to know how much better you look after completing the NuChallenge, don’t you? Have someone take two quick shots of you; one straight on and one from the side. Wear a swimsuit if possible and be sure to stand against a clear background in a well-lit room so your image is clear.

“Like” us on Facebook. This is one of the largest support elements of the NuChallenge. We will send you fitness ideas, shake recipes, inspirational testimonials of other Challengers, and more. Get connected now.

Add support calls to your calendar. Studies show that people lose more weight when they do it in groups. Tap into a NuChallenge Support Call so you can connect with others who are on the Challenge. You are NOT alone. Add these calls (listed to your right) to your calendar and set reminders for yourself right now.

Record your current measurements. Use the box to your right to record where you’ve started.

Set your ultimate goal weight. If you could flip a switch and weigh a certain amount, what would it be?

Ultimate Goal Weight: _____________

Calculate your daily calorie limit. Visit to calculate your daily calorie limit for the 90 day challenge period.

Maximum Daily Calorie Intake: _____________

Download a calorie counter. To ensure that you’re staying on track to meet your goals, it’s a good idea to track what you’re eating each day. An easy way to do that is through a mobile app. Follow the directions in the box to the right.

Now, make yourself a shake! You’ve finished prepping for the NuChallenge and it’s time to hit the ground running. Don’t wait to start tomorrow. Check out our Recipes Page for recipes you can use to make your first shake. Your taste buds... and your waistline... will be delighted you did!

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