Get to your inner CORE. That deep down central part of you that makes you live, drive and thrive. Containing over 130 vitamins, minerals, Resveratrol, and many of the world’s most potent and life-enhancing berries, including Goji, Mangosteen, Acai fruits and extracts.


CORE supports optimal health by regulating the biochemical processes in your body that release energy from food. This fabulous product provides a time released focused, mind clearing energy to deliver an amazingly smooth 7 hour energy boost that increases athletic performance, offers healthy clarity and focus while increasing mental cognition. In addition CORE supports anti-aging by helping to slow down the aging process, enhances memory, mood and sexual function, maximizes disease resistance, helps reduce the risk of certain types of cancers, and supports cardiac health.


CORE is delivered in micro-ionized particles suspended in a great-tasting liquid which is readily absorbed by the body, offering a significantly high level of positive health. CORE strength, CORE memory, CORE health, CORE life!

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